Epol Race 14 Muesli Meal

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Epol Race Muesli is a highly palatable, textured muesli feed formulated with the performance horse in mind.

It provides readily available energy through the use of high quality oats combined with additional cereals to meet the requirements of anaerobic metabolism during periods of fast work.

The Race Muesli also has a oil content of 4.5% to increase the energy density of the diet and provide additional non-heating energy. Maximised small intestinal digestibility allows for efficient absorption and utilisation of the nutrients into the bloodstream, leading to increased stamina and reduced recovery times.

Our excellent quality protein sources include essential amino acids to promote superb muscle tone, function and tissue development and repair.

For our Museli we use a Combination of fibre sources, such as lucerne to provide highly digestible fibre for slow release energy and healthy gut function, of particular importance to the racehorse at peak fitness and at times of stress, such as travelling and racing. Lucerne also has the added bonus of having an acid buffering capacity to assist horses with gastric ulcers.

This product is Fully fortified with the Vitamins and minerals needed to assist with recovery and performance of the top equine athlete. This includes a full profile of B vitamins to stimulate energy metabolism and appetite, and biotin for healthy hoof growth. Vitamin E, Vitamin C and selenium are included to enhance the immune system and neutralize free radicals, reducing muscle soreness and cell damage.

Our Race Muesli meets the requirements of the equine athlete, keeping horses performing at top levels, while remaining muscle sound, eating up and clinically healthy.

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