Vuma Vintage Gum Nuggets 12%

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Specially formulated, highly digestible feed, containing VO3 Max oil and Protexin for your “golden oldies” with special needs. Vuma Vintage Nuggets are especially formulated to fulfill the needs of older horses with teeth problems and reduced digestive capability. The combination of extruded grains and soft bran nuggets allow for easier chewing and improved digestibility. Vuma VO3 Max oil is added for enhanced fat quantity and to ensure the correct balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils. Protexin Premium is added to aid digestion. Protexin is a multi strain probiotic . It helps to improve feed digestibility and conversion efficiency and reduces digestive upsets. Vintage Nuggets offer improved digestibility for mature “golden oldies” with special needs. Suitable for: Older horses Horses with teeth problem Horses with reduced digestive capabilities

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