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Paws for thought…

Not every pet is as lucky as the ones you have at home. More and more pets are being abandoned as people struggle financially during the pandemic, and that means that animal shelters are being placed under real pressure.

We believe in giving back through our monthly Donation Drives – it’s our way of making life better for shelter animals until they find their forever home. Please donate whatever you can.

Highveld Horse Care Unit

Established in 1991, the Highveld Horse Care Unit is one of SA’s biggest equine welfare organisations. They help around 8,000 horses, ponies and donkeys every year, as well as providing essential horse care services to the general public.

All-In-One Animal Rescue

All-In-One Animal Rescue (a 246-450 NPO) is run by Mary Kwembu, who rescues, rehabilitates, rehomes and care for neglected and stray dogs in Diepsloot and the surrounding area.

Kitty Kazz

Kitty Kazz assists kittens ranging from newborn till around 6 months. Kitty Kazz rescue, rehabilitate and rehome any kittens needing our help. Whether it be abandoned bottle babies, lost and lonely, found on the streets, assisting families who can no longer care for their kitties, or even emergency call out rescues.

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The SPCA is probably SA’s best-known animal charity, and has been preventing cruelty, alleviating suffering and promoting kindness to all creatures great and small for over 65 years. Each month, we choose a different branch of the SPCA to direct donations to.