Active No Pull Control Handle Harness


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Active No Pull Control Handle Harness Black.

No more pulling or choking with the even distribution of pressure using our dog harness. Not only does it go around their neck like a collar but is also secured around their chest so your dog is more comfortable and you’re able to control them much easier. These harnesses are great for large dogs and extra-large dogs that tend to walk their owners instead of the other way around. We use soft, padded, breathable material to make it comfortable for your furry friend. This dog harness handle allows for full control when you need it, especially with larger breeds. We use the most durable materials, and construction with a sturdy metal leash attachment D-ring and a heavy-duty handle on top of the harness.

The Dog’s Life Active No Pull Control Harness is made with high quality material, it has the attachment for a leash on the back. It takes the pressure away from a dog’s neck so it prevent them from injuries. Nighttime walks are safe with the reflective straps that are all over the harness.

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