Aktiv Equine Sole Stuff

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Aktiv Equine Sole Stuff 500ml. Sole-Stuff is an easy-use Stockholm Tar and Methylated Spirits solution used to treat and manage hoof soles and frogs.

Most horses require additional support through the wet season to manage hoof health and structure, whilst others may have mild to critical issues that require treatment throughout the year.

Sole-Stuff is applied to the sole and frog to manage moisture, harden the area and combat bacterial infections such as Thrush.

Directions for use:

  • Clean the entire hoof with a brush, removing all dirt and dust.
  • Paint the solution onto the ground contact parts of the sole using the brush and allow to dry for 60 seconds before putting the hoof down.
  • For use on frogs, it is recommended that a farrier trims the frog to allow Sole-Stuff to access hidden areas where bacteria may be present.
  • The solution should also be applied to the central and lateral sulci.
  • Apply at least once a week for hoof maintenance, and at least twice a week in damp conditions.

Brush included.

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