Designer Pooch Step-In Harness


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Designer Pooch Step-In Harness.

The new collection of Designer Pooch Collar, Leash and Harness range comes with Double-sided design! Each beautiful colour schemes comes in matching leashes and harnesses. No more boring walks.

Fully adjustable, light and strong, these cute Step-in Harnesses of Dog’s Life will stop all the fumbling, trying to fasten multiple clasps you can’t even see! Once you have the harness adjusted for your little dog, all you have to do is open the harness flat on the floor, have the dog step over it with its front feet in the openings, grasp the two sides and close the easy parachute clasp over the dog’s back… done! Attach the leash to the rings over the clasp and you are ready to go!

Features a strong buckle for the extra bit of security when you are on the road.

Available Designs: Under the Sea Blue, Enjoy the Universe Blue, Hex Gradient, Geometrics and Tarrazo Blue, Tarrazo Pink

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Enjoy the Universe Blue, Geometrics & Tarazzo Blue, Hex Gradient, Tarrazo Pink, Under the Sea Blue

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