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Epol Cool N Perform is designed to meet all the demands of the general sporting horse whilst providing a lower NSC (sugar and starch) option. Epol Cool N Perform is grain free thus making it suitable for the “hot”, sensitive horse or those with issues such as Ulcers and Colic.

One of the main objectives with the composition of Epol Cool N Perform is the gradual and prolonged release of “cool” energy through the use of various energy sources such as high-quality fibres and fats. The Fat and oil inclusion in this diet also assists with skin and coat condition. The amino acid profile of the Epol Cool N Perform has been carefully formulated to help with the formation of additional top line and overall muscle tone. All of these factors come together making it ideal for horses needing additional condition in a “safe” way.

The use of super fibres and Yea-Sacc 1026 ®helps to provide superlative digestive health which makes this product suitable for horses with digestive issues.

A full range of vitamins and minerals are included to ensure that this product covers the nutritional requirements of the class of horse for which this product is intended and therefore no further vitamins and minerals are needed if fed at recommended levels.

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