Epol Lucerne Chaff

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Epol Lucerne Chaff is a high-quality blend of lucerne and teff. Added oils provide additional slow release energy and help contribute towards skin and coat condition. This product offers a simple solution to adding extra fibre into the diet of the performance horse, in one easy to use product.

Suitable for all types of horses when lucerne is desired.

  • No added vitamins and minerals making it suitable for use in conjunction with other fully fortified products.
  • Provides additional calories without starch.
  • Helps to tempt fussy eaters.
  • Ideal way of adding fibre to the diet.

Roughage should be provided at 1.5% of bodyweight per day. The amount of Lucerne Chaff fed will be dependent on each individual.

Size of bag: 20KG

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Weight 20 kg