Epol Lucerne Cubes

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Epol Lucerne Cubes are a high protein, roughage supplement which is consistent in composition and can be used to supplement the diets of all classes of horses. First grade Lucerne is used in the production of these cubes.

Using Lucerne Cubes minimises the normal handling problems associated with using Lucerne bales including:

• High wastage

• Storage space required

• Fire hazards

• Losses due to mould

• Big price variations

• Unknown bale Weight (kg)s

From a nutritional point of view, the Lucerne Cubes are enriched with essential vitamins and minerals and are correctly balanced specifically in terms of the unbalanced ratio of Calcium to Phosphate in baled Lucerne. The required salt level is also ensured. However if fed alone without additional concentrate, a balancer product is recommended.

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