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The Epol Rider Cubes/Super Rider Meal are widely used rations suitable for all horses and ponies in light – medium work. This product is suitable for horses that need to gain body condition as well as good doers in medium work. This feed is available in both pellets and meal, and it is ideal for riding schools where management of multiple horses need to be simplified. This is a well proven product that covers a variety of needs. The use of quality proteins boosts the amino acid profile and helps to develop and maintain muscle tone, while our carefully selected grains and fats ensure adequate energy for working horses. Epol Rider cubes/Super Rider meal also contains Yea-Sacc 1026 ® for superior digestive health. A full range of vitamins and minerals are included to ensure that this product covers the nutritional requirements of the class of horse for which this product is intended and therefore no further vitamins and minerals are needed if fed at recommended levels, making it further suitable for the larger yard.

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