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EquiClay Cooling Clay is more than just a cooling clay. Prophylactic leg care with a 100% pure natural cooling effect. The paramagnetic mineral-rich volcanic clay therapy assists with the repair, regeneration, and rejuvenation for any minor damage that made have occurred while in training or competition.

Some benefits of the EquiClay Cooling Clay:

  • easy to apply
  • no bandaging needed
  • prolonged cooling effect
  • regenerates tendons, ligaments and muscles
  • increases circulation and blood flow
  • draws out inflammation and excess fluid
  • pain relief
  • quicker recovery time
  • can be used over wounds (anti-bacterial and anti-fungal)

This product is also safe under the FEI and Racing regulations.

How to use:

Make a clay poultice by mixing 2 parts clay to 1 part water in a non-metal container. Add a little more water if too thick or clay powder if too thing. Mix by hand to a nice soft clay paste.

Apply a generous layer of the EquiClay Clay Poultice over the legs from the fetlock to the knee (it can also cover the fetlock and the knee). There is no need for bandaging. Horse can be turned out or stabled (apply overnight). Allow the poultice to dry completely, remove in the morning by brushing or hosing the horse.

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