Patrick Pirate Plush Toy

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Patrick Pirate Plush Toy. We fully understand the behaviour of dogs. As a perfect toss, fetch and pull toy, the pirate themed Patrick Pirate plush toy satisfied dog’s natural hunting instinct. Different ways of playing provide lasting games, keeping their attention at all times, eliminating anxiety and boredom. Dogs like to explore the world through sound.

The TAKAMISU plush toy includes a nice and loud squeaker for that exact reason. The surprise sound keeps your dog focused and enjoys a longer game time. The plush toy made of premium plush, a layer of durable fabric (Not recommended for aggressive chewers). Play dogs favourite tug-of-war to improve your relationship.

Suitable for all small and medium dogs. The soft and comfortable texture is the perfect snuggle pal for dogs after the game.

Size: 18cm

Material: furpile fabric and pp cotton