Epol Train N Leisure Cube

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Epol Train ‘n Leisure contains healthy and effective “long fibres”, hence the larger than usual cubes, as well as super fibres which help to promote gut health. Epol Train n Leisure cubes are grain-free and contain 4% fat to assist with sustainable slow-release energy to help fuel work and maintain condition without exacerbating excitable behaviour. The quality fats and oils used also assist in maintaining a healthy shine to the skin and coat and quality protein sources help to assist with muscle tone.

The cubes can also be easily softened with water into a mash making them ideal for veterans or equines with difficulty chewing. Epol Train n Leisure contains Yea-Sacc 1026 ® for additional digestive support.

A full range of vitamins and minerals are included to ensure that this product covers the nutritional requirements of the class of horse for which this product is intended and therefore no further vitamins and minerals are needed if fed at recommended levels.

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